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  #1 Real names... 
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    Dec 2006
    We don't have a ton of rules here... be respectful, give us your real name, etc.

    Many of you have done what we asked many months ago and modified your screen name to your real name. But some haven't. Now is the time. Please.

    I'm going to ask the moderators to help as much as possible. But you have to step up or please post somewhere else.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


    Moderator's note:

    To get your screen name changed, simply post your real name into this very thread (at the bottom of this page). By real name we mean both your first and last name, separated by a space sign. This is the preferred option. If you do not want to disclose your full name, you can initialize either your first or last name (but not both), e.g. J. Doe or John D.. If you have grown close to your current screen name, you can incorporate it into your real name — e.g. John 'CoolDude' Doe — or you can have your signature say Formerly known as CoolDude.

    Once you have posted it, one of the administrators will perform the change. After the change is done,you may chose to delete your post in this thread.

    P.S. This thread is solely for posting real names, not for discussion.

    P.P.S. Sometimes it does take a while for the change to be made. In the meantime it can be a good idea to add "My real name is ..." to your signature.

    P.P.S. Thanks for complying.
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    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude.
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    It might be good for you guys waiting to post in this thread the name you want changed to.. and we will try and get to them one by one.
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    Wellington, NZ
    thanks for the quick change over guys.

    Samuel Doyle
    Look dev artist & texture TD, Weta Digital
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    No worries Sam :)
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    Oct 2008
    hi! could you please change me from norbert_1975 to Norbert Jalitsch ?
    thanks, this would be great.
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  7. #7 Real name: Martin Gustafsson 
    I sent my real name a while back but it hasnt been updated on the forum yet. Not sure what went wrong.

    Martin Gustafsson
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    Presto-Chango :)
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    Oct 2008
    Could you guys please change my current name to Toni Villar.
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    Nov 2007
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Please change Zebrafilm2 -> Bastiaan Houtkooper NSC
    (its in the sig)

    Thanks! Bastiaan
    Bastiaan Houtkooper NSC
    Filmcalculator software:
    Dutch RED community:
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