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    16,000 Leagues under the Sea.

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    I am sure we are in unchartered waters.

    That is where any true adventure begins!

    Keep the throttle wide open. Now it gets fun. This is inspiring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    That's what I'm talkin' about...

    The Mysterium sensor is so mysterious. Did you happen to come across somebody who had one in the pipeline? Or did you inspire somebody to improve their previous work? Were you sure of Mysterium at the first NAB, or did you go out looking for somebody who could do this? Is Mysterium essentially one person's invention? And is it patented?

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    I remember in one of David Stumps tests, an image underexposed by 4 stops was brought back to life, albeit with some grain. This was last year.. I can only imagine what its like now.

    ISO 16,000. Isn't that like, visible spectrum night vision? In-sane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by im.thatoneguy View Post
    I thought nukes were the only way to be sure.
    I only use nukes for testing nd filters:nuke: :bye2:
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDHolloway View Post
    As resolution drops precipitously at these ISO's, I love to see a two axis chart of iso/resolution. At what point is iso=2K, 720p, 480p...pixelvision.
    Technically, the resolution never really drops. The image detail just gets overpowered by noise. Film, on the other hand, truly does lose resolution, due to the coarser grain.

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    I think you understand what I mean. I'm trying to describe the "ability to resolve" at a given iso.
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    I know, I just like to nitpick. :P

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    Just to remind everyone, this test was NOT done on an uncompressed clip, but REDCODE RAW on a flash card. To me, that's an even more important message.

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    What Flash Cards are you using?

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