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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Hey careful thats my wife :)

    heh heh heh.

    am i the only who is looking to the bikini grils holding charts instead of the car?

    give us these jarred
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    lets not forget us visual effects guys...wheres our PC version !!!!!!!!!
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    You tease Jarred! My PC's crying, it's getting bullied by all these super sweet mac's with Redcine-X :'{
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    I took RedCine-X for a ride. I love the direction this software is going, the background textures, the re-scaleable windows, the orange on black of the windows and nice! a histogram.

    One thing missing:

    What happened to the "shadow" slider in the color section of Redcine?

    That was my favorite part of that whole program and now that shadows are on a curve, I am limited in how low I can drop them. It also seems like I have less options to control my image then I did with Redcine, are these options coming back? Have them been combined? Are there windows yet to be added?
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    dont worry.. shadows etc. will come back :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Hilder View Post
    Jonathan, while you're waiting for a beta of REDCINE-X, you might be able to make use of a command-line tool I wrote for this purpose (Windows and Linux compatible).

    The original thread was here, but the attachment has since disappeared.

    Jim/Jarred - was this intentionally removed? If not, I'll upload again for those who don't mind using an unsupported, 'at-your-own-risk' tool.
    It probably just got lost when reduser went down earlier this year. Many links were broken and picture attachments were lost. You should just upload the tool again.

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    Sorry to ask his here, but I always have trouble finding it. Is there a link that will always point me back to the most recent build of REDcine-X? I always have trouble sorting through the mountains of comments to find it.

    ON EDIT: I think I found it RCX326. Hope I got the current one. Any chance of ever seeing the current build posted as relapsed on the homepage? Or better yet, a REDcine-X mailing list to notify us of the new (and always anticipated) builds?
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    Jeff maintains a page with all current softwares and firmware, you can subscribe to this thread to get all the announcements...

    he usually never miss anything (the latest rocket support for Color is not listed yet but everything else are the most recent version you could find)
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