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    First post here. so I hope I have dropped it in a reasonable spot.

    Since retiring as a Unix Sys Admin a few years ago, I have picked up a few "clients" (okay, non paying fellow retires) who are seriously "in to" digital photography/videography (no RED ... yet !). One client just returned from a month long under water photography expedition with over 10,000 raw images ! Of course I am concerned about storage of their images and what I want is "cheap, fast and good" !

    I am looking for real world feed back of Addonics Mini Tower with the 4x1 eSATA/USB Hardware Port Multiplier (AD4SR5HPMU-E).
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    Can't comment on that particular addonics unit. But it's a pretty basic RAID unit. For long-term storage of 10,000 images, I would probably just do multiple copies onto optical media and a hard drive or two. Good FLASH media will last a long, long time. So it can be very cost-effective and reliable to leave all the camera media as-shot, as a primary backup.

    As with any form of data archive, it should be checked occasionally and cycled or updated periodically. Nothing lasts forever and nothing is infallible.
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