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    It's safe to use on existing projects, but if you were working in After Effects all your shots will look completely different because all the clips will now have metadata applied.

    Is there a way to get all the clips to get presented to AE the way they were before this update?
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    This is great! A giant step forward.

    I have a suggestion for the future release, could we have a histogram in the interpret footage window? I have to go in and out to update my Test Gear(waveform, Histogram,Parade,vectorscope) plug-ins in After Effects. Not that its any trouble, but if one wants to set Exposure/Saturation/Contrast/Brightness, I'd be nice to have a quick little reference!
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    I installed the updates and now have the raw support on my Mac Adobe Premiere, but I am missing the RED sequence presets now. I saw that I was supposed to uninstall the previous RED plugin, but I'm not sure how to do that, or if that is the problem. I tried doing both updates again with the same result. Anyone know how to get the presets back?

    The problem fixed itself. Premiere eventually loaded the additional codecs. It realized I wasn't running a trial and then loaded them all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Carr View Post
    I have a suggestion for the future release, could we have a histogram in the interpret footage window?

    Also, how about making the settings window follow the main Adobe window colour profile (shade of grey, adjustable within the main application) so that those of us working with a darker scheme don't have to judge the colours in a white window, throwing our perception off.

    Finally, how about the last little part of RedCine not duplicated, the gamma curve? I know we can use the RGB and Luma curves from Premiere's effects but giving a pre-curve would 1. give us 99% of the shot's CC done just from the RAW settings and 2. allow for the profile to be saved out in the future to RLK files for upload in camera (or maybe even have this ability in the future directly from within Premiere/AE using a LUT interpreter from base R3D to what's on screen).

    HTH Red Team, regardless of the above it's a major step forward and IMHO puts the Adobe workflow at the top of the heap now as far as ease of use goes for the mainstream.

    Well done!

    Paul Leeming
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    I say wow. Smooth workflow. As stated above i would love to have some more settings in the source settings, a curve would be amazing, the Lightroom interface stellar but just the possibility to crunch blacks metadata would be fine (for now)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Leeming View Post
    Installed on PC and working fine, thanks!
    Hi Paul,

    According to Red you need to uninstall V1.3 first. Did you uninstall the V1.3? If so, can you let me know where or how to do that.

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    Need help. Uninstalled version 1.3 and installed (or tried to) 1.7. It shows up that 1.7 is installed as far as when I go to CONTROL PANEL, PROGRAMS and FEATURES. But when I open Premiere Pro CS4, the RED folder and working res files no longer are avail as an option. I uninstalled 1.7, reinstalled 1.3, and CS4 once again lists all the R3D options.

    Am I missing something? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Windows Vista 64, service pack 1, Premiere Pro CS4 4.1, After Effects 9.02
    Joel J. Feigenbaum
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    Trying a demo of AE (running 9.0.2) ... a few days back installed REDCODE CS4 Mac 1.3.pkg and today applied v1.7.

    1) if I have to un-install 1.3 (before applying 1.7) ... HOW ?

    2) when starting up 9.0.2 + 1.7 I get the following message from AE [After Effect error: Couldn't find main entry point for REDSetingsPal.plugin (48 :: 72)] ... can somebody tell where I've gone wrong ?

    3) when comparing R3D files rendered from AE (with 9.0.1 + 1.3 or 9.0.2 + 1.7) the output clip seems to have some mild 'flickering' which is not visible when the same R3D file is rendered from REDAlert ... anybody else experienced this ?

    Thanks ...

    EDIT : and yes, I have followed these instructions ...


    - Navigate to the following location:
    /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS4/Plug-ins/Format/
    - Drag the file ‘RedSettingsPal.plugin’ to the above location.
    David Nardini

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    Do we need to uninstall for mac also?
    If so, how?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent@RED View Post
    Released on Provides native REDCODE media (R3D) support for Premiere Pro CS4 (4.1 and later) and After Effects CS4 (9.0.2 and later). Includes: REDCODE importer (v1.7.0), After Effects Settings Dialog and workflow guide. Note: Supports RED ONE cameras up through Build 18.

    Thanks, BC

    Tested, Cool and thanks man. I can finish in AE now.

    Would like to get a better settings for AE for Color, gamma, bit and output lut for film finish.

    Is linear light or Red Log is better for Gamma settings for film finish?
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