Hello, all.

I am a new member of RedUser. I have been a picture producer for over 35 years. I started making "music videos" before video cameras and vcr's were invented, and I actually remember when some guys "edited" video by actually cutting 2" tape with a scissor! We've come a long way since then, of course, but ever since the earliest days of true video production, I have been eagerly waiting for a time to come when we would be able to produce an entire movie without film stock. Over all of the years, I have heard every excuse and complaint in the book about why "video will NEVER be as good as or replace film". Finally, with the introduction of Red One, I know that all of those arguments are fading into true Hollywood history, and the time that I've been anticipating has arrived.

I have three feature films in development right now, and I hope to produce them with the Red Workflow. I'm living most of the time now in North Carolina and I hope to shoot a lot of stuff here. I'd like to strike up conversations about my plans, meet, and get together with other future Red "film"makers here in NC and the Southeast (and anywhere else for that matter) that want to get together, learn about the Red, and discuss digital production.