3cP and its Color and Workflow Management for Arri, Panasonic, Panavision, Red, Viper, Canon Cameras and Silicon Imaging Digital Cameras

3cP - Gamma & Density Co.'s Cinematographers Color Correction Program - RED WORKFLOW SOLUTION

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Due to current economic and production situations Gamma & Density will be offering a 50% discount of the 3cP Software to all Master Class Attendees

Sunday June 7, 2009, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Mole Richardson Screening Room
925 N. La Brea Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90038

Class fee $75.00

(15% discount for ASC, ICG and Students)

3cP Benefits:
- Dailies and editorial proxy generation on-set
- Saving money in post-production because the color has been established
- All in one workflow solution
- Data management
- Capturing DP's intent
- Preserving integrity of color decisions through the workflow
- Immediate feedback to DP/ director/producer via playback of color corrected footage

The seminar will be conducted by Bob Currier, Chief Technical Officer of Gamma & Density Co. , co-creator of 3cP and his associates. Gamma & Density Co. (www.gammadensity.com) is a leading world known company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and management of workflows, tools and applications for cinematographers, helping them to preserve and manage the uniqueness of their vision. Director of Photography Yuri Neyman, ASC and GD associates will take part in this multi layered presentation which will encompass all aspects in variety of workflows needed for pre-production, production, and post production.

Who should attend:
o DPs,Camera Operators and ACs
o DITs and HD/ Digital cinema Specialists
o Post-production Managers and Engineers
o EFX/VFX supervisors and technicians

Attendees will leave with a practical understanding of data-based image capture, image and color management throughout the production/post- production process, how to communicate color and "look" information to post-production, and how to smoothly move and transform the large volumes of image data from the raw camera capture through dailies to editorial and on to final delivery.

Topics to be discussed and demonstrated are:
1. Color management and on-set color control via Gamma & Density's 3cP fully integrated into workflows using
1. REDalert/REDline
2. third-party tools as well as other alternative workflows.
3. GDP box for Genesis cameras
4. data-based workflows for most digital cameras,
5. digital camera characteristics
2. Image management including ASC CDL (American Society Cinematographers Color Decision List )
3. Data management,
4. Communicating with post-production.
5. Tone reproduction,
6. Monitors calibration and practical approach to color gamut’s and color spaces.

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