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  1. #1 Our friend Tom...interviewed !

    Check out Tom's interview by a new timelapse blog. Tom has come a really long way in a short time ... just shows what dedication to his craft can realize.

    Larry Gebhardt
    Director / DP
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    Mark L. Pederson
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    Great interview!

    One question I had -- assuming that Tom isn't using the video mode of the Canon but is taking a series of 12MP (I believe) RAW stills, what is the path he takes to create a timelapse movie from that?
    David Mullen, ASC
    Los Angeles
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    we have a 5dmkII at the house and have been testing timelapse for a couple of weeks now. I'm sure that Tom could give a more enlightening explanation based on his process however I will share with you what we do.

    Basically the RAW images have to be converted to something that a non-linear editing software can read. In this instance we are using FCP 6.0

    We start by taking the RAW images into either adobe lightroom or photoshop via camera RAW from cannon.

    From there we do a batch export as a 16 bit .tiff file (no correction is done here, we want the most RAW image for use in color)

    Once the batch export has run its course (quite a while) we then import images into FCP while basing the timeline at one frame duration for each still.

    From there we Render(again awhile)

    after that we export a pro res 422 file into color and correct to taste. The final output is 1920x1080 Pro res 422 @ 24 FPS

    Now, one can go ahead and do corrections in photoshop or lightroom, but remember unless you can automate or batch process all images in the timelapse, your going to be busy for quite some time.

    Thats basically step is testing to see how we can start building HDR timelapse using batch HDR compositing from photomatix...anyone have any suggestions?
    It changes every day, but is always the same: research for Equilibrium.
    I believe that the Image, as the language of Cinema, is formed by the conflict and harmony of the two different elements of life: Light and Darkness.
    Trying to find an Equilibrium between these two opposite forces as I visualize different stories, becomes every day the reason for my creative effort.
    The research of this is my own life.
    -Vittorio Storaro

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    Senior Member michael zaletel's Avatar
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    Tom has elevated the art of timelapse photography to another level. I'm certain that more articles and interviews will follow.

    -michael zaletel
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    Senior Member Craig Ryan's Avatar
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    Very inspirational, Tom.
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    Senior Member Vince K's Avatar
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    Anyone who has seen his stuff knows this was inevitable.
    Great article btw!
    Vince Krochak - IMDb

    AC / Videographer & Video and graphics editor / wannabe DP
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    Senior Member Matt Gottshalk's Avatar
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    I would assume he translates them into a 24fps movie via quicktime or After Effects.
    Matt Gottshalk, DP
    Emmy Award winning Editor
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  9. #9 It would be nice... 
    It sounds like it would be nice if Apple added a Raw file import function to FCP. Shouldn't be too hard since they are already doing it in Aperture.

    (Hint, Hint, Hint, if anyone from Apple is reading.)
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    Great interview. And what an amazing difference the moon makes in time lapse photos!
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