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    Hi there!

    Ive seen a lot of H264 encoded Videos in this forum with excellent quality. Right now Im not happy with my output from After Effects using H264 presets. So I output uncompressed 2k and convert it via Sorenson Squeeze or Quicktime Pro to H264. But actually Im looking for a way for straight output from AE

    What output ways for H264 do you use? Thanks for sharing!
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    From my experience nothing beats compressor on the mac side, I wish adobe had there h264 down, but they don't, unless im missig somthing.
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    Well, Adobe offers a set of h264 presets for mobile devices and another one for bluray. Also there is a h264 output within quicktime, which produves a gamma shift.
    All the presets are okay, but you don`t have real control over the export. There are so few options - really sucks! For example: you cant even determine how many times it should walk through the material. So the output isnt the quality one is looking for.
    Maybe there is going to be a plugin or an update Im missing. Annoying since the master collection didnt come too cheap...
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    This is something I was trying to find at NAB - good info on any new compression updates . The folks I spoke to at Adobe didn't seem too interested in the compression aspects of the program when we talked. But I realize I don't know enough about all this yet.
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