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  1. #1 Should this work? 
    I am putting up a PC and I would like to know if the options below will let me edit 5k material. Software will be Premiere CS4 and Vista 64


    processor: intel core 2 quad q 8200 2,33GHz
    MotherBoard: Asus P5KPL 1600
    4 Ghz RAM
    Graphics Card: Geforce 9500GT 1Ghz


    processor: intel core 2 quad q 9550 2.83 GHz
    MotherBoard: Asus P5QC
    8 Ghz RAM
    Graphics Card: Geforce 9500GT 1Ghz

    thanks in advance
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    You don't mean edit in true 5K rez do you?
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    well, depends. If You expect importing r3ds in premiere in fullres and debayering on fly, no way. If You are careful and go recommended way, that is edit lowres versions and finish in high res, than yes. I think it may debayer in halfres low quality on fly perhaps..?

    We have core i7 (that is: 8 logical cores) and very fast memory, even this still can't handle full 4K playback in redcine. Halfres in very high quality yes, fullres no.

    Also, it seems nVidia has a problem with such a large image planes in VRAM. I just observe when it is 2K or less, then it works really fine, however anything larger is dramatically slower for some reason. And OpenGL in AfterFX was and is a pain, after longer work tends to crash. Maybe Quadros might perform better, however I don't have any to check out at hand...

    Simply said, every core, MHz, GB of RAM and HDD in RAID array counts and makes online and final high res offline rendering faster.

    Good luck! - MoCap, RED One, 3D scanning
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