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    1. We will delete posts sometimes for any number of reasons.

    2. We will not delete criticism or opinion.

    3. We will delete posts that would get you punched in the nose if you were to say the same thing in the "real" world.

    4. We will delete untrue posts that are slanderous, to a company or an individual.

    5. Posts that are not on topic or that drift off topic, will be moved to the proper location.

    6. Remember.. you are visiting our house, so above all.. please be respectful.

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    If you do come across an offensive post, please don't reply to it. Just use the button on the bottom left of the offending message, and an alert will be sent to us mods.

    Also, if someone gets offensive in a personal message, you will also find the button of use.

    Certain subjects can get us all impassioned, and it is often a good idea to wait a few moments between writing a reply and actually posting it. Emotions and keyboards don't mix very well.

    Remember, in the end we all want the same. Great pictures to tell great stories.

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