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    is there a way to export my edited short film out into folders as organized dpx sequences from premiere. "so each shot would be in its own folder" OR a way to rename each individual shots from within premiere to export with custom naming per shot would be good enough if i cant put them in folders.

    i brought in the raw r3d files, i have the edit done, and i know i can do it in redcine but im asking about about premiere
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    Premiere does not export dpx files.

    You need to pass the files to AE via dynamic link and then export dpx files.
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    should You want to have dpxes for each shot used, so that .. say transitions could be reconstructed later in Lustre or whatever grading SW as typically are when using common Avid>Lustre EDL workflow, where one obviously needs the shots separated and not blended together during the transition effect, I worry it is not possible.

    Simply - once You edit in premiere or AFX, You can only output final sequence as one series of DPXes. Otherwise You'd have to export each shot manually adjusting export in/out points in AFX, which certainly is unacceptable. - MoCap, RED One, 3D scanning
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