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    Well, I'm not able to go now. Figures. Let me know if anything fun happens :)
    Stephen Webb
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    I'm not going to be there either... so it looks like a bit of a no show for a lot of us. Shame, hopefully many of us will be at IBC though.
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    Senior Member Nick Shaw's Avatar
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    London, UK
    So it looks like it's just me then! I'm going to be there this afternoon with my business partner in my Red venture. Anybody else who is going today and wants to meet PM me or post here in the next hour or so. I was going to put my mobile number in here, but am slightly wary of putting that up on a public forum.
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    Senior Member Martin Drew's Avatar
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    Can't do today I am afraid. I will be at IBC though.

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    You'll have to fill us in on any interesting info Nick. Sorry we couldn't meet up again this time.
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    Had work also :( pants.. though pays the bills! lol..

    Anything cool Nick ?
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