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    I have just read that is not possible to output sdi signal from a speedgrade XR working in an apple based system, because aja, blackmagic an nvidia cards are not supported in Mac OSX.

    By the way I am thinking about using two apple cinemas you think that is enough for grading 2K footage that is going to become sd tv comercials? Wich reference monitors are you guys using for 2K color grading?

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    AJA and Blackmagic cards are supported on Mac.

    It's the nVidia SDI daughterboard that Apple doesn't support in their drivers.

    Speedgrade (and Scratch and others) use the GPU (graphics board) for color processing and thus don't use the SDI outputs on cards like the Kona and Decklink.

    Personally I wouldn't use a cinema display for critical color grading. TFT's are tricky enough and the Cinema displays are decent, but not really high end.

    I use an Eizo CG241 and a Sony CRT refererence monitor for color viewing. The Eizo has superior blacklevels to the Sony CRT, but the viewing angle is still somewhat tricky for judging skintone etc. I haven't seen the Dreamcolor so I don't know how good it is. But if you're limited to PAL it can't hurt to look up a 2nd hand Sony PAL monitor.

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