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    now seriously.. we are more than one or two posters actually.. you should think in cases such as colective accounts.. some soul.. posting through gangs.. will be lost..

    it's not only our case (surprise) we know many others.

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    i think your a bit of a crackhead FMG battery.. but i don't know who you really are so it doesn't really matter does it?

    or does it?

    At any rate.. Im happy from the support from the majority of users that welcome the new policy.. the rejection from a handful of you is disappointing.. but I have learned over the last year that some people just need to bitch about something.. anything.

    Just like I have the choice to make the rules, you all have the choice not to visit.

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    dropping in to add...

    Don't freak out if your name hasn't been changed yet. I'm still getting a lot of requests, and haven't sat back down to go through them all. I've gotten another hundred or so the last few days that I haven't dealt with yet. I'll get to ya'... no worries...

    If you have put in your request, you are all good. If you have not, yet... go ahead and do so... The voluntary period is drawing to a close.

    Landmine Media

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