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    Happy that all went well! I wish you a good recovery.
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    Here's to your speedy recovery... Cheers!
    - Jeff Kilgroe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pawel Achtel View Post

    Again my biggest thank you to all. Your support and good wishes are greatly appreciated. What a great community!

    I just returned back home from hospital after the surgery. I am very weak and probably won't be able to film or dive for quite some time, but all went well and I will be slowly recovering from now on.
    My VERY best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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    great to hear, best wishes
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    Just read this.
    Glad you are recovering, best of luck and lots of positiveness.
    Best thoughts and wishes.
    Get well soon.
    EPIC-X-3087 available for hire...
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    Hope you have a speedy recovery Pawel!

    Best wishes,
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    Good Luck, and I wish you a quick recovery
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    I'm very glad to hear that your surgery went well. Take it way easy for a good long while and work at coming back slowly. After five years I feel like I'm just starting to get back some of my strength. Focus on the good days and hang tough on the bad ones.
    Blessings, Barry
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    I think everybody here at RedUser is happy and wishes you the very best!
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    Thanks GOD making our wishes come true . hope you soon change this thread to Pawel is very well
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