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    Earth at Night in Color

    By MATTHEW ALLARD ACS For Newsshooter


    Topics Covered:

    Filming Earth at Night in Color (02:19)

    Using moonlight as your primary light (09:33)

    Discovering new animal behaviors (15:24)

    Using low-light cameras and astronomy lenses (26:44)

    Using lights in the wild (39:07)

    Benefits of using infrared light (42:13)

    Maintaining a clear image at night (46:02)

    Finding the right narrator (51:26)

    How production was affected by the pandemic (54:26)
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    Didn't we see this on Netflix about a year ago? Did they just get a new narrator and put it on Apple?
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    I believe this is a series. And, in the podcast, there will be a discussion on how this was done.

    Season 2

    According to the article:

    "Alex and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss using special low-light camera technology and astronomy lenses, the challenges of using moonlight as your primary source of light, and maintaining sharp focus in the dark."
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    Magnificent. I could only imagine how magical to watch this in high quality.
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