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    Ahoy there Komodolorians!

    Seems like a lot of production models are in the hands of peeps. Getting hit up with a bazillion questions regarding External Camera Control. Specifically cable, connectivity, etc.

    Here's what I can lay down quick before I head out on next week's shoot.

    What are the options to control Komodo outside of the camera?

    Komodo at the moment can be controlled via cabled connection with:
    - RED Link + IOS or Android Smartphone or Tablet
    - SmallHD Focus SDI Pro, Cine 7, or Indie 7 w/ the RED Komodo (or DSMC2, see below) Connection Kit and License
    * Other camera control stuff is on the horizon as well

    Komodo at the moment can be controlled wirelessly (as well as wireless monitoring) via:
    - WiFi with RED Control App for IOS and Android
    - WiFi IP connection via browser

    What cables do I need for RED Link to work with my device?

    RED LINK is a USB-C connection, find the appropriate cable that terminates in what is compatible with your phone.

    What cable do I need for SmallHD Camera Control?

    Two roads here.

    If you are plugging straight into Komodo you want the 5-pin to 9-Pin cable that plugs straight into the EXT port on Komodo:

    If you are using either the Wooden Camera B-Box for Komodo, or the ModernFilmTools HORSESHOE i/o Top Plate, or the RED Komodo ExpanderModule you want the 4-pin to 9-pin cable, which is also the one used for DSMC2

    Ensure you have the Komodo Camera Control license on the SmallHD, navigate to Camera Control on the display when connected and it works like a charm.

    Remember! You need the SDI for the monitoring signal and the CTRL cable for erm... control.

    My device is having a hard time connecting via WiFi?

    If going straight to a device make sure Ad Hoc is selected on Komodo in your Communication Menu and make sure you are connecting to your Komodo WiFi signal on the device.

    Depending on your device, OS, and sometimes even carrier try this:
    - Enable Airplane Mode
    - Ensure you have a valid SIM card (IOS thing)

    Not needed on every device, but if you have issues, start there.

    What resolution is the WiFi and RED Link Monitoring Signal?

    At the moment it's 720p for both. I suspect the Link connection might be able to go higher, but I have no idea.

    You can change the "quality" of the encode to assist with smoother playback. Older smartphones for instance may not have the bandwidth or processing power for a very high quality stream. Most stuff made in the last 3 years or so works fine.

    Good Cable Practices?

    Just adding some general tips.
    - Always good to have a spare cable on hand, I usually have 2X or 4X redundancy depending on what it is.
    - When packing cables do coil or loop them, but ensure they are flat packed and not pinching.
    - Never force a cable into a port. There might be an obstruction, bent pin, or worse you might be freaky strong and have forced something that shouldn't fit.
    - Always nice to inspect cables at prep and at wrap to help with the next shoot.
    - If a LEMO style connector is new to you, pinch and pull the collar to release. It's a locking cable and must be released to unplug.
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    Thanks as always for this Phil.

    When using the woodencamera B-box or similar, is the communication protocol for the cntrl pot the same as DSMC2? Would you be able to pull focus internally and control the Komodo using a Teradek latitude?
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