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  1. #1 Epic Dragon Keeps Dropping Power, Turning off 
    Hey Guys, last shoot my Epic Dragon would just fully turn off out of the blue. Usually didn't happen while recording tho. Wondering if anyone has had this problem? When I fiddle with plate, cables etc I can not make it happen so not sure what the deal is or location of the problem

    -Noticed it with a couple different gold mount batteries. Even brand new ones (Socanland)

    - Thinking it could be the Gold Mount to Red plate? Maybe mine is old? Camera only has 380hrs on it

    - Lastly, thinking maybe it has to do with D Tap to 2 pin Lemo for the Cine 7 small hd monitor im running.

    Anyone have any insight into this?
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    That plate and cable are good places to start.

    If it's been working fine till now, then it could be something new added to power chain (cable), or something vulnerable to fail because lots of use (plate).
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    Just to state the obvious, it's not going into power save mode, is it?
    Nikhil Kamkolkar
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    Recently I experienced the same issues. First thing I checked was the V-mount plate (Wooden Camera). I took it apart and reassembled it (as far as possible...) The problem repeated itself. Then I checked the D-tapcable (Small Hd-Cable) ... Close inspection showed that the connector for the display had some damage. I caused a short circuit.
    A new cable solved the problem.
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    Did you sort this out Gabe? If you want to try out different plates and cables I have some you can experiment with.
    Mike McEntire
    Mack Dawg Productions
    Oceanside, CA
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