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Thanks. I assume you leave D.E.B. off to keep the grain?
DEB is only in legacy nowadays... It's now called Chroma Noise Reduction in IPP2 and it's used across all sensors (not just Dragon).

But yeah, with RED I personally think noise "quality" (if you can call it that) is heavily dictated by OLPF and the amount of lighting/fill. So would love to know what settings you're using Tommaso!

In my experience (limited, so take with a grain of salt), I find ALEVIII to have far more equal noise structure than RED (comparatively monochromatic and/or more equal RGB noise when pushed really far). It has always seemed more pleasing to me than RED's noise, which has a tendency to bias to green, blue, or magenta/red depending on the sensor and strength of the blue-channel lighting. Yedlin's tests show very clearly (to me at least) that all flavours of Arri looked *much* closer to the reference film stocks he shot on (regardless of scanned resolution)... to the point where, even when the Alexas were noticeably noisier than the Sony/RED/etc, they still looked fine (granted he also added grain to all of the shots to help match the film reference).

Because of the noise inconsistency with the REDs I have (MX and Dragon), I usually try to shoot clean and then add grain later (where I can control the amount/strength/saturation, and dail it in to taste). In that case, I'd presume that Gemini would be better... Alas I don't own a Gemini, so I'm just guessing.