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    Hi Redusers,

    I'm preparing a camera rig set-up with potentially three Sony A7SIIIs for a Planet Earth like project in october on which once the camera are in place we won't be able to get near them for the duration of the shoot (3 weeks), just so we don't disturb the animals natural environment.

    My problem is that I want to be able to control NDs remotly in front of the lens for any part of the day including removing the NDs completly at night , but I can't find any solution for Sony mirrorless cameras at the moment.

    I know that Canon has, with their new RF mount to EF adapter, a drop-in variable nd and that there's some similar solutions for Sony A7 mirrorless cameras serie with the fotodiox trottle and the apurture DEC Vari-ND wireless mount, but again I need the NDs completly out at night and idealy want to use native e-mount lenses so I can use the fast wireless controlled internal autofocus.

    Is there a solution i'm missing here or an old-school rig with kind of large ND filters wheel in front of the lens that exist? Does anyone ever had to do a similar wireless NDs controlled set-up?


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    This doesn't quite answer your question-- I don't know of a wireless ND system like you're describing.

    However, I just thought I'd mention that the FS5, FS7 mk 2, and FX9 all have electronic variable ND filter systems with "auto" modes that will ride exposure in changing light conditions. Might be worth exploring to at least live in the same image processing universe. (I don't know if this feature can be entirely disengaged [clear filter] and/or controlled wirelessly.)
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    Our Revolva RF to PL adapter and shortly upcoming RF to EF version effectively support remote ND changes with real glass filters, through use of a standard remote FIZ motor. You just need to spec the 0.8 mod geared version of the filter cartridge.
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    Oh, the Revolva would actually be a really good option to achieve what I'm looking for, but were are probably gonna use the Sony A7SIII as they're small and they will output 16bit raw. Any chance KipperTie will make a E to EF adapter in the near future?
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    We did considered the FX9, but we change idea when we relalized how big the rig would be when hanging from a tree...
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