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    Hello all!

    I have been searching for a dual handle setup for my Raven, but I only seem to find the single-side handle setups. Ultimately I'm looking at using my minimal setup with dual side handles and a neck strap tied to two 1/4" 20 D-rings on the top of the brain (for that 3 points of contact :) ).

    I know it's been years since the dual outrigger handles from RED were offered, but is there anything similar out now for DSMC2?

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    I'm pretty sure Phil has a rig like this... I seem to recall him showing it off when he was demoing Duclos's DSMC Medium Format focal reducer prototype.

    Conversely, I know GDU makes DSMC2 compatible handles for both sides that look awesome... Expensive af mind you, but they should be way better than the dual-outrigger (which was also overpriced, so you may as well get the good ones).
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    Yep my now infamous Belly, Tummy, or Torso Cam setups consist of a simple concept of going to a neck strap via either two eyebolts that are 1/4-20" or if you don't mind using artillery accessories, you can use MUTNT QD 1/4-20" bolts into the camera.

    I seem to go on and off between regular rings or the MUTNT stuff.

    I use a Nanuk shoulder strap around my neck for DSMC2 weight/size class cams. Komodo I'm still feeling out straps. The Nanuk is waaaaaay overkill.

    My DMSC2 walk around rigs are somewhere in the 12-20lb range usually.

    My Komodo rigs are around 4-12lbs so far.
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    Thank you so much Phil for mentioning the name of the MUTNT QD style quick release. I've been looking for those exact pieces but my odd Boolean searches weren't successful.

    I did however in the search end up finding ProMediaGear Quick Releases. and
    Not a huge amount of info around about them, but in their video they have people suspend themselves by a single mount, which is reassuring for a 10-20lb setup.

    I wholeheartedly second Phil's notion of the repurposed shoulder strap and eye bolts. Salvage a shoulder strap from any old duffel bag and try it out.

    I made my current strap setup for $4. An armspan of webbed strap, a couple buckles, clips and eye bolts, add padding if desired. Pick the wrong colors and it could turn out as ugly as mine, but it's simple, quick to adjust, and cheap..

    If you go for the eye bolts, just make sure to get ones with a shoulder and always make sure they're tight to prevent any excessive flexing.

    Top plate with NATO side rails will allow for almost any handle you can find, but can quickly get in the way of other accessories.

    GDU Cowboy handles are an option several people would support suggesting. https://global-dynamics-united.mysho...-cowboy-handle

    I've seen other solutions, but they don't have the same level of symmetry and feel. I've been hands on with a rig set up with the DSMC2 Side Handle with a left GDU Cowboy handle and it felt lopsided. This is an old thread, but worth a read through to see some pros and cons between DSMC2 Side Handle, Red Outriggers, and GDU Cowboy Handles. As always, the forum search feature can be quite helpful in finding previous discussions.
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    Smallrig developing some Komodo hardware for us more budget minded folk.

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