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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Kelly Brown View Post
    Any updates on getting latitude RT working on Komodo would be greatly appreciated!
    I've just recently contacted Teredek support about this. They say they are working on it, but it is very tricky to use the EXT port on Komodo. They are looking at communicating via the top pins. They say it is too early to say whether the solution will be available for the latitude or if they will make a new receiver.
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    If you want this functionality right now, DJI has developed a Lidar system that works in tandem with their Raveneye. You can track subjects in frame and the Lidar measures the distance and focus with the motor on cine lenses.

    If we want to use this with Komodos autofocus Red must A) Enable some form of face/eye-tracking B) make some sort of gear motor with a communication cable from the camera. The possible application would essentially be cine-lens autofocus, but also being able to control cine-lenses through the Red Control app. If we on top of that got a wireless wheel, we essentially could have an AF system that works in tandem with a focus puller doing the larger pulls.

    All of this is possible... but I suspect we will have to dream on.
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