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    Hi RED'ders,

    Finally we got our reel edited - Enjoy. We're based in Frankfurt, Germany
    Open for collabs or productions.

    Mostly shot on Red Gemini or Red Helium.
    Lenses: Cooke, Contax Zeiss, Leica-R, LOMO

    (and i welcome comments)
    Jan Czmok
    Owner of
    Red Gemini #012191 - Red Helium #5650
    Leica-R Duclos Cinemod Set // LOMO-PL Set // Cooke Speed-Panchro Set // Mamiya Sekor-C Set // Contax Zeiss Set // Zeiss Flektogon Set // B&L Baltar
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    Some of best RED footage I have seen. Looks like film but without noise.

    Please do a reedit that tells what camera and what lens per shot. That would be cool. Otherwise absolutely phenomenal taste you have.
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