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    Hi everyone, I bought a RED monstro because I was able to get in talks with people at Keslow to use it for rentals, it seemed a good idea as i had bought lesser gear for smaller rental houses before and made good earnings, they asked me to buy it, they bought 11 red monstros so mine never went out but once, and they gave it back to me.

    I can't afford to shoot with this camera, watch the video and I explain why, but basically can't afford to get what I don't own already and I don't get hired at that level of shoot.

    I'm asking for $55,000 or best offer. Still under warranty. Renewable until October. I paid $79,000 total with all the accessories. (Tilta cage, red side kick, 4 limo adaptors, plate, monitor, EVF and travel case) I did not buy batteries or magazines because Keslow had enough of them.

    It is pretty much new. It has 180 hours on it from the one 22 day rental it went on. I sent it to red before pandemic started to make sure it was all in order and all is in order.

    Thank you.

    Im JD

    (photos of my actual camera in the video - I'm a product photographer)
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    Welcome to Reduser! Sorry your camera didn't produce the returns you were hoping for. This should be posted in the marketplace though.
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    Moved the post to the marketplace, even though it's posted by a junior member with no other posts to go off of. As with any internet transaction, potential buyers should investigate thoroughly.
    - Jeff Kilgroe
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    Good tip is to run any pictures through Google image search, shady ones often show up in other recent ads on ebay & co...
    For high value items such as lenses and camera bodies just ask for custom pictures (serial number, without baseplate, aperture ring, minimum focus marking...) these images are difficult to supply if the item does not exist.
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