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    What's the typical charge/rate/price for licensing RED footage? Or I guess any footage.

    It's been going down here in MN with the protests and I've gotten multiple inquires as of now. I haven't done licensing ever before, mostly project base or day rates... So what's the typical charge?

    My setup is RED Gem all 5K 2:1 + Zeiss Otuese and Sigma Art (dunno if gear really matter in this case, but throwing it out there)

    Or should I just charge my rate for a days worth of filming?

    Please, any insight is helpful.

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    I'm sure someone will jump in with more experience than I have, but you should really ensure you cover your bases before selling/licensing. First thing I would do, is identify exactly who you are selling to and then answer the rest of the (five) Ws for the footage.

    Who - Who is the footage for? If it is for a student using it on a non-commercial project for his class I'd very likely consider a much different rate.
    Where - Where is the footage going to be displayed? Is it going to a news channel? Going to someone's Sundance documentary? etc...
    What - What exactly do they want? Get the tech specs and ensure that it is what they are asking for. Also, what type of license are they offering to buy (you'll need to look up the different types of rights/licensing).
    When - Do they need the footage right now? If so, you could possibly look at increasing the price due to the demand. You'll need to know your market and have an idea how much similar footage is being sold for.
    Why - This W might not be as important as the others, but for you, it could help lead to insight as to why people are wanting your footage. What is special about your footage? Why are people seeking that type of footage out? This may help you get more quality/desired footage than if you don't take a second to reflect on it.

    Here's a calculator for PHOTOGRAPHY images (Getty) to get you started:

    Don't undersell yourself or your footage. Again, study and research the market and decide what your footage is worth. And lastly, as with everything else nowadays, make sure any agreements you draft up, are going to sign, etc. are all reviewed by a lawyer.

    All the best, and stay safe out there!
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    Don't undersell yourself. Going out and filming in protests with an expensive camera is a risk and you should be compensated for taking that risk. Find out who's asking and make sure that your footage is not being used in a final product that goes against your politics, if that's important to you. If a large company is asking to license a shot for a commercial spot you can ask for way more than if it's a news network looking for footage to show on the nightly news. Sorry it's difficult to give more specific numbers without knowing more-- Ryan's questions above seem like a good starting point.
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