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    How does the Flowtech 100 compare to the Vinten Fibertec in terms of rigidity? Which sticks would be better for long lens work?
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    Well, the Fibertec legs have been out of production for a long time and are no longer supported (repaired) by Vinten. They were way ahead of their time and are the forerunner of the current Flowtech’s. I wanted a pair when they were new, but they were only manufactured for maybe a year or two, tops and pretty expensive, if I remember correctly. I have a friend with two sets and he loves them, but I would buy the Flowtechs today and he said if he didn’t own those, he would, too. They have the advantage of benefiting from years of advancements made in design and construction/manufacturing techniques, they are current and thus easily repairable and they have a single release lever for both stages, whereas the Fibertec’s have one for each stage. I shoot a lot of sports and long lens(upwards of 800mm+ s35 equivalent) and I’ve never had an issue with backlash or twisting that I’ve seen or felt. They are extremely rigid legs. I’ve even had my Vinten 250 head on there whipping back and forth following someone on-stage during a live performance and they’re great. The weak link will probably be more along the lines of which head you put on them or the operator.

    As a side note: Vinten actually tried to buy the original Fibertec legs back from my friend several years ago. Obviously he said no dice.
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