Hello group:

I currently own a LITEMAT 4 S2 and I want to accompany it with another light. *My first instinct was to get another LITEMAT to partner it up with. *However one gripe I have with the litemat is that its not as punch as I would like in certain situations. *I have come across a lot of videos on the aperture 300d mark 2 light and one has become available for sale. *So my dillema is which light to get. *If I were to get the APARTURE 300d will it void using the LITEMAT in the same shot since they are a different quality of light? *One thing that has me thinking is I love to diffuse it with bleached muslin. *Does it matter what light you use as long as you use a similar material to light through? *I have a cinematographer magazine article where Lubezki claims that it doesn't matter what light you use in the end when your only going to be blasting them through diff.

Any help would be appreciated