I'm putting together a Preston system. I've got more of some cables than I need and not enough of others. I'm hoping to find someone in a similar boat that wants to swap cables with each other. I've got a ton of MDR2 Run/Stop cables, I need power cables and 7 pin Lemo motor cables.

I HAVE: $3,800 worth of Preston MDR2 camera cables (list below). These can be easily modified for MDR3 or MDR4. If you'd like me to make the modification for you, please ask. I'm a former engineer, now director, so I'm handy with a soldering iron.

I WANT: Preston MDR2 power cables, Focus motor cables, (7 pin bracket), Preston MDR1 G2, digital motor, Heiden M26T focus motor, Oppenheimer pan handle, wooden camera Micro Force Bracket, other Preston brackets, pelican or hard case, anything else Preston related or otherwise you'd like to offer. Thank you!

1 Hirose to 4pin Power
3 4435 Str
2 4435 Rt
2 F55 R/S
1 Genisis R/S

1 4pin R/S
6 4543 Str
1 4543 Rt
12 4546

Aaton R/S
1 MDR to bare end
1 Str
4 Rt

1 11pin Fishcer to 4pin Power
7 4520 R/S St
1 4520 RT
1 4520 MDR to bare end
1 3pin Fischer R/S

2 4522 Rt
9 4522 St

1 unknown MDR3 cable

Link to Image: https://ibb.co/YQV4GkY