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    Hello image makers,

    I am a longterm red dragon user and a couple of weeks ago I received an invitation from Canon to test out their canon c300 mk3 that was officially announced yesterday. This camera offers a really nice set of features with vastly improved dynamic range thanks their newly designed s35 size sensor with dual gain option. This camera lets you also shoot 120 fps without sensor cropping which is really nice. I am firm believer that the best way to try out any camera is to go out and make a short movie and that is exactly what we did. The final product is a nice little gem entitled Dear diary day 21. We also managed to make an overview of the 10 best features. From a red dragon owner this definitely a camera worth checking since they share many similarities. Feel free to follow the link to see the final movie and the 10 best canon c300 mk3 features overview. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. best D
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    Skintones looking nice. Clip seemed a little harsh though.

    Can you elaborate on the lighting (was this natural or low-light)? Actually, what are your thoughts on the camera in general? Coming from Dragon, was the DR similar or not even close?

    Can you tells us about DGO; at this point that seems to be the only thing on the c300m3 that's better than the R5 (until we know more about the R5's rolling shutter scenario).
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    Wow, really clean, amazing colours and DR looks broad. Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi thank you for the review. I traded my Dragon recently for a C200 as work direction changed but I do miss the DR. How did the DR compare in your opinion please?
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    Looked great! Did the girl in the red sweater represent the virus?
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    Great lighting throughout, indoor and out!
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