Hi Everyone,

I am selling a pretty cool "all you really need" Zoom lens package. This has been my go to package for so many jobs where clients/ production just can't afford the high end glass we all normally want to shoot with. Along with the requests on my end for more full frame needs I am sadly letting this package go. I am willing to sell lenses individually but would prefer to sell as set and honestly its a much better deal and the magic is the set.

What I love about the package is you have the killer Duclos 11-16mm for all your wide angles needs. Its rectilinear and does not distort at all!
Then you have the 18-35 which is a killer Gimbal / Drone / and run and gun lens. At t 2.0 looks great even wide open
Finally you finish off with the 50-100. This is my go to interview, portrait and when you just want some nice compression.
All this glass fits perfect on steadicam, MOVI, Gimbals and Drones!
If you're not shooting FULL Frame then this is an awesome set. I am also including a custom Pelican case as well as a set of screw on diopters for the Sigmas which makes them even more versatile

FULL Set Sale Price of $7500.00 ($1000 off)
-Duclos 11-16
-Sigma 18-35
-Sigma 50-100
-Hoya +1, +2, +4 Diopters
-custom Pelican 1510

Individual Prices

Duclos 11-16mm 2.8 PL New: $3500 Sale: $1950.00
*was just serviced by Duclos and had full culmination and service/cleaning done.
serial 63045
Condition: 9/10. Optically Perfect. Few wear marks on housing.
*includes soft bag

Sigma 18-35 2.0 PL New $3995.00 Sale: $2950.00
Serial 52304891
Condition 8.5/ 10. Optically perfect. Few wear marks on housing
*Includes original boxes

Sigma 50-100 New $3995.00 Sale: $2950.00
Serial 52318231
Condition 9/10. Optically Perfect. Few wear marks on housing
*Includes original boxes

Link to Photos of all Lenses.