I have seen a lot of Komodo vfx/xr/vr just randomly as a passerby. A vr/vfx rig with monstro was just way to expensive for me, so i gave up on that. With Komodo I could see the global shutter and running it a 48 fps would be great for things like performance capture and even fight scenes. From a purchasing viewpoint, and I am in no rush, but I'd like to at least financial plan how many komodo's people are using and the setup. For example, my gut is saying I'd need three of them to do the performance capture stuff? I was also hoping for some "cheaper" rigs to go with them for us low budget guys (seems it's the major guys doing vfx stuff with them, so they aren't as fanatical on having cheap rigs and are also creating custom stuff just for their productions). Just some thoughts, I'd really like to understand some of the SGO workflows and camera setups in detail?