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    Hello fellow Redusers. Its been brought to my attention that a person going by the name Kevin Lang is trying to sell a set of Cooke Panchros that I sold here on Reduser in 2011. He is using the same pictures I used to sell the set originally. I contacted the person I actually sold the set to and he still has them. Kevin Lang even opened a fake email account with my name in it in order to reassure potential buyers that I sold the set to him in 2011 and that he can be trusted. Don't send any money to Kevin Lang...unless of course this scammer stole that identity from some innocent person as well. People are ruthless. Using this crisis to pose as desperate sellers is a new low, yet not surprising. Stay safe y'all.
    Clint Lealos
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    Added his name to the 'SCAM artists list'.

    He also stole the identity and official contact email of Cooke Optics Ltd. They've been contacted and are looking into it. But this guy is using every trick up his sleeve to rip off potential buyers.
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