I'm as guilty as the next guy.... stacks of shitty consumer hard drives sitting on the shelf or in old PC builds. Some of it's precious to me, some of it isn't. But I know there's a better way to keep my footage archived properly... except most people don't want to invest thousands into a tape drive system (especially when LTO-9 might be coming as soon as next year). We all want to feel positive our footage we worked hard to capture is safe, but we also don't want to have our main workstation transferring footage for hours while we twiddle our thumbs. I think this rental solution is going to help you feel more confident that you've got your storage buttoned up for any apocalypse...

I'm offering an LTO-8 Thunderbolt 3 tape drive (supports 12TB tapes which cost approx $130) and a Macbook with LTFS software bundle for weekly rentals to archive your footage easily without interrupting your workflow. Right now, I've got a special offer for 50% off for a handful Redusers who want to be a part of this "beta" to give feedback on their experience. Please reach out to me to secure this pricing if you'd like some peace of mind during these down days.

Contact via PM or stevenborja [at] gmail

I'm also in the industry, you can see my work at: www.stevenborja.com

All the best!