So as we all know, Xfinity Comcast has been doing some shady stuff over the years when it comes to taxes/fees, etc. Although I have a pretty big axe to grind with that and have expressed my frustration with their not so subtle scamming of their customer's money, this is not the time or place for that. Rather, I need to address an issue that is relevant now that many of us are working from home - upload speeds. It's a sore subject for Comcast. I should know, I've talked to many of their sales people about it and they just kind of shrug their shoulders and say "I know, seems like it should be better". In fact, I'd say they are so ashamed of it, that they have now made it really hard to find the info for upload speeds on their website. When I look at plans for upgrading, I can only find a download speed, no mention of upload. Used to be able to see both, but the numbers were always so extremely different that they probably said, let's just pull the upload speeds.You have to go find the info elsewhere now. So, again the time for complaining about things is not right, so I'll simply ask a few questions to gauge what kind of service people have and how much they are paying.

1. Which internet provider are you using?

2. What upload speeds are you getting?

3. How much do you pay a month?

4. Are your bills consistent or do they change (random fees, taxes, etc)?

5. Are you using online tools for your video business such as Frame io, Dropbox, Google Drive, Vimeo, etc?

6. Are your speeds consistent? Do you see big drops depending on time of day, usage in the area?

7. What would you consider a bare minimum for upload speeds? I assume everyone has decent download speeds, although I think we're still a bit behind other countries with that as well.

Thanks for providing any info you can. I need to see what options are out there as I'm currently moving a lot of content to cloud for clients and my home speed is about a third less than my office and I'm working from home.