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    Steadicam AERO 30 Stabilizer with A-30 Arm & V-Mount Battery Mount - Baltimore MD

    This kit includes everything except a monitor - I always place my smallHD 703 on the sled. IMO the Aero stock monitors are almost useless when it comes to viewing angles and contrast. The sled, arm, and accessories fit nicely into a Pelican iM2950 case. I also have a Steadicam padded duffel bag for the vest and dock. It's possible to fit the everything in the iM2950, but I haven't needed to condense it all in one case yet. I will include both the Pelican case and Steadicam bag unless shipping becomes an outrageous cost.

    I recently sent the bridge plate to Tiffen for repair - the spring loaded locking pin fell out of the arm block which apparently is a common issue on a lot of Zephyr vests. Now that everything is in working order, the kit is ready to be sold.

    Paypal preferred, buyer pays processing fees

    $4000 shipped anywhere in continental US

    PM or email

    Steadicam Aero Sled with V-Mount battery plate and no monitor (1/4" 20 thread mount)
    Aero 30 Arm
    Zephyr Vest
    Quick release plate + screws
    8x weights
    Low mode bracket ($450 value)
    Pelican iM2950 + Steadicam vest bag

    Pictures here:

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    I have an A30 arm and vest. I’d buy the sled if you were willing to piece it out.

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