Thread: What is the RED film community doing while on lock down?

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    The last job I was on was suppose to be an easy 3 day shoot in Paris for a designer it ended up a 10 day marathon with 8k cams 35mm film cams 16mm cams..cranes ..3 extra grip and lighting trucks (with 20 hour days sometimes) with gloves.masks etc.. so of course this is now as everything came to a halt

    But that could change at anytime in the future

    Stay safe
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    I have hours of footage for a long term doc project that I have had no time to work on. Looking forward to a break. We are OK for a while financially, so the time can be put to good use on personal projects.
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    Editing some sound from the Yanomami tribe from Brasil.

    Have a listen.
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    Curtis Boggs

    Epic-W 8k (Spanky)
    Komodo 6k (baby)
    Sigma Cinema zoom set
    Leica-R Cine mod prime set
    Various other strange or vintage lenses
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    Mahavishnu lives. I do love me a groove when it's in 11 or 7 or 13 or 15. I'll even take 5. Well done Curtis.
    S-W #6350 "Moonshot"
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    I liked the music. It has an early "The Police" like sound to it, excellent job of drumming as well.
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    Working on a script for dystopian sci-fi horror.

    Sort of a mashup of 1984 and Brave New World, with references to Orson Wells and John Carpenter.
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    Interesting. :)
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    What we no longer can do:
    - Going to the jungle of Cambodia for a few months
    - Going to an exotic remote island on the Falklan Island
    - A possible assignment closer to the North Pole

    What we have been up to:
    - Going through our penguin shots from Falkland Islands.
    - We got tons of new equipment. Got 2 Heliums now. Got a surround Schoeps Dual Mid Side Array and a new 833 recorder, a Telinga dish, More Movi Pro equipment like a controller, new GPU etc. Even though we cannot use them much we plan on learning them. The gimbal is pretty darn tricky to get good shots from so I guess we can practice in the kitchen! We also have a list of things we want to improve from last trip with our drones, gimbal etc so that will keep us busy.
    - Warning all my contacts and friends to take the virus more seriously, started weeks ago when most thought it was "just a flue". I wrote big lists how to handle practical risk situations like receiving food and packages etc made predictions for expansion hoping to get people to be more careful. Seemed to have a positive impact.
    - Focusing more on our post production side. We are lucky to have more work than ever currently so cannot complain. I feel for all cinematographers here that lost many assignments.
    - Learning more real time compositing in Unreal.

    We also plan to:
    - reaching more to other film makers and build our network more. What better time than now when most of us cannot do much.

    Keep safe everyone!
    Andreas Natural History Filmmaking Saving the animals of the Rainforest!
    2 x RED DSCM2 8K Helium, Phantom 4K VEO990, Movi Pro Gimbal, Inspire 2 X7, OConnor 2560, Canon 50-1000mm
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    Any online courses you would recommend? casting a wide net here
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