Thread: If you could only have 1 lens to pair with your Komodo, which would it be?

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    Heh, the drools all on my chin :) But just as much for the Hawk!

    I haven't used the RF Canon's but the Sigma Arts look way more cinematic than the Canon L's, to my eye. The 50-100 breathes like a mofo though. It's practically unusable.
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    The best lens for Komodo would be the Panavision 19-90mm... too bad they only rent!!!!
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    I just hope my Contax Zeiss cinemods can work with a speed booster...
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    Leica 50mm Noctilux f.95...standing by and ready for the next crazy color Komodo.


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    RF 24-105f4

    Because the KOMODO does pretty good in lower light judging by sample clips, and the 24-104 f4 RF is light, sharp, decently fast at f4 and it is built like a tank. That said if GDU made another indestructible lens using the rf 35mm and the autofocus was updated then Id have to reconsider for run and gun shooting
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    xeen 35mm classic

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    What warms my cold hardened stone heart so very much from everybody who has replied to this thread is that you all have a different opinion on what that one lens is.

    And there is the actual answer to the question. There is only the one lens, if you even have to choose just one, that is right for you.

    Somewhat what I'm attempting to show with all my rigs and all that. Equally as powerful is you have much more lens choices now than even 10 years ago. It is indeed an incredible time to have access to tools and technology that also come with such freedom of choice.

    Happy lensing peeps.
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