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    Hello all,

    A moderate tease.

    Last night I was very fortunate to pick up the first of the orangeish/gold batch of RED Komodos.

    First and foremost, happy birthday to Jarred and thank you for once again allowing me to beat on a new brain early on. And also, big thanks to those other two rather talented dudes for their support over the years. If the world was open for business a Komodo cake was in order.

    So here's where I'm at with Komodo after about 24 hours. Grabbed it, got home, goofed off in the back yard as raccoons became rather curious as to what this little thing is as well.

    After that, got to know the camera real well. Then some rest.

    Today I spent most of the day rigging it up in a few different ways, filming random tests, using every adapter out there you can imagine, tried a few different batteries, a few different CFast 2.0 cards, etc.

    Some early thoughts as I continue to dive in. Komodo is super compact. I knew this, but now that I've put a bazillion lenses on there, it's very much a whoa. I have this little cloth bag that's about 1/2 size a cloth grocery bag and I can fit it rigged in there. Feels a bit like DSMC2 loaded with a lot of "new".

    What's in the box?!

    First thing that jumps out at you is Komodo comes in a egg shell white, Komodo-skin textured, high quality box. Inside the lid is a nice graphic showing you exactly how easy it is to be up and running, nice touch. There's an AC Adapter with international plugs as well as US. Early birds also are fortunate to can a Canon RF to EF Mount, which I suspect won't be included with the general production run.

    What to expect from me in the coming days?

    We've had a lot of time knowing Komodo was coming and you've seen me already testing goodies. And you're going to see new RF glass, some upcoming rigging options, as well as a few other things. Komodo is as new to me as it is to you. I'm figuring it out. I'm filming with it. I'm medium level trying to break it even, though, don't expect a drop test from me. I like my golden lizard.

    Feel free to ask questions. I'll do what I can while running around like a madman to tackle them.

    Some quick thoughts.

    - I'm actually super into having this separate power switch to power down the camera. Way more useful than you can imagine once you're use to it.

    - Much quicker jump when toggling to playback and record which is super nice.

    - One quick discovery using a small LCD on top of the camera is having the Exposure Tools running on the top LCD and view finding via a clean signal on the SmallHD is actually something I will quickly want forever.

    - Komodo as previously shown eliminates CMOS Smear through some sort of science fiction sensor design. The OLPF/Color Science Filter is actually a bit more like the Skin Tone - Highlight OLPF in terms of what I can see, yet also solves something we all know too well, which I will show later. But this got me fist pumping.

    - I actually visually need to get used to global shutter, but it's pretty phenomal and incredibly useful in a camera like this one. The ramifications and benefits for crash cam, car cam, helmet cam, etc. are pretty apparent.

    - CFast slot having a secure door on it, super bad ass. I don't see any real way to knock that open and it will prevent media falling out as the stunt car slams into the other one. I'm using Angelbird cards mainly if you are curious. I personally don't have anything smaller than 256GB here to test, my main jam is big 1TB cards. Also using their readers for that matter.

    - Tested a bunch of BP mount batteries, Canon and others. All seem to boot the camera. Not all are "smart".

    - Haven't done my ultra long recording tests yet, but I will say this. Komodo is surprisingly quiet. I've rolled a few several minute takes.

    I leave it there as she's only a day old in my hands so far.
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