Thread: Clip on matte box solution for rotating anamorphic lenses (LOMO, HAWK C-Series etc)

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  1. #1 Clip on matte box solution for rotating anamorphic lenses (LOMO, HAWK C-Series etc) 
    Hi All

    I wanted to post something here that ive been working on for a while that I think will make peoples lives easier. Its a systme that now lets you use a clip on matte box on vintage anamorphic's where the front rotates (LOMO, TODD AO, Hawk C-Series etc)

    Hoping to make AC and DP's lives easier. You can use standard arri matte box backs, (Or bright tangerine etc) just as you would on a more modern lens. and also now no need to move motors on the rods when singing lenses as all the iris and focus gears are now in the same place relative to the mounting point. (of course you can still mount them traditionally if you chose)

    Heres a little video of it in action

    and meaning you can strip away all cage ad rods if you want, perfect for gimbals

    and the site.


    Thanks guys, hope you like
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    This is beautiful, and if these existed when I had my set of Lomo anamorphics....well I'd probably still own them!
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    This a very slick design- congrats. So now there is a choice between this and the internal focusing front module 114mm that is also available for these lenses
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    Thanks Rob

    Here is a video of the 35mm using a standard 143 back on the lmb
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