I decided to sell my brand new, still in the box Atlas Orion Anamorphic A set.

I purchased the kit in May 2019 and just received the news that the lenses will be delivered next week. The project I needed them for was in September - October 2019 but they didn't make it in time.

As I can't really use them right now I want to sell the entire kit which includes:

- Altas Orion 40mm T2 PL Mount
- Altas Orion 65mm T2 PL Mount
- Atlas Orion 100mm T2 PL Mount

Price is $32,000 and they are located in Los Angeles but the I do fly out to Europe the last week of March so I can take them with me for any potential buyers in EU.

I didn't order the LF mount but if someone is interested I can add it to the order so it gets deliverd next week too.

For more information please e-mail me at kevin@airwolffilms.com