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    Hello all. I had an unfortunate situation while recording on an Epic-W. Power was lost while still recording, and we were recording only to Prores 422HQ. That particular QT file will not open, and I'm looking for options to possibly repair that file. I wanted to see if anyone out there had any good experiences with a tool to fix such a situation.

    I've seen some options online, but am a little wary. Treasured (Aeroquartet), Remo Software, Grau GmbH online. requires footage to be uploaded, and it is a large file, so that may be tricky.

    Also, for the Red staff out there, wondering if there might be a future possibility for firmware with a QT close-out tool... So that if this situation occurs, the QT might be closed out right in camera when power is restored.

    Thanks much!
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    This happens so often that I always suggest shooting with r3d files as well.

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    i like treasured, you will get a preview in their free app too
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    Hi, I'm Stas from Restore.Media.

    Could you please share what's the size of the file? We've recently added a new server, so the upload should be pretty fast.
    Alternatively, you could upload the file to Google Drive and email the link. Our engineers will take a look at the file and let you know if it can be fixed.
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