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  1. #1 White balance on my Dragon seems off... 
    Weird question about white balance with my RED Epic Dragon MX ...

    I have a scene set up lit entirely by a Quasar tube at 5400K. When I white balance the Dragon it tells me 4400 is white. And the picture looks good at that setting. In fact if i manually put it to 5400 it ends up looking a tad orange. So then i took another camera, a JVC LS300 and just did a quick white balance on the same scene and it came up as 5400... what the light says it should be.

    The sensor is calibrated.

    Could there be something wrong with my RED in terms of being off calibration for the white balance? I'm going to try some more in different lighting scenarios and see if I get the same issues but I figured someone here might know something.
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    A few quickies.

    White balance variance between cameras, especially between different manufacturers is common.

    When working with LEDs, any brand, always start at the LED for color issues.

    A spectrometer is a very useful tool.

    White balance is also there to white balance to, i.e. shoot a white balance reference target.

    Always possible something can be out of whack, but make sure you've run a Sensor Calibration and test away. Could even be wavelength related and perhaps something fun with OLPFs, but doubt that's the thing in this case. I have Quasars.
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    Also, what lenses/filter are you using? These could be factors, as well.
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