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  1. #1 DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander Module issues 
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    I am the owner of a Red Epic-W Camera.
    Last week I’ve noticed some issues:
    — the voltage of the battery has stopped from being displayed
    — also when the camera is plugged in the AC transformer it still doesn’t show the power data
    — the hdmi and sdi output are not working
    — the audio in is not recognised by the camera
    — the I/O Expander Module is not present in the attached modules list

    Since then I’ve tried:
    — installing the latest firmware
    — taking off the I/O expander module
    — different batteries from different manufacturers

    Nothing seems to work.
    Have you stumbled upon this issue?
    Thank you!
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    Hey bro do you solve this issue? i just have the same issue

    This is my email: . if you can help me whit this it would help me a lot thanks!

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    Yep. While prepping my camera I find I'm having the same issue.

    Tried to reseat the module, and that got the battery working again, but it doesn't show voltage. I also installed the new update and that didn't work.

    Anyone have suggestions for a fix?
    justin chin
    infinite machine
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