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    I would note that part of the disconnect might be the way most projects are budgeted. Production is typically expected to capture a lot of material in a short time as cheaply as they can. A more wholistic approach that actually evaluates the total cost from planning to deliverables might make other choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christoffer Glans View Post
    This is exactly what I think not should happen. The whole point is to integrate the tech into primary cameras...
    I'm not against the development and incorporation of 'new' features into the RED ecosystem, I was just trying to be realistic about what it would take for it to not only happen, but also be successful (which includes factoring in resistance from established/entrenched players in the wider 'industry') .

    I don't actually think RED would make any of the kinds of compromises I've suggested (eg. limiting functionality or making other sacrifices to get things working together), but I think that itself suggests why some of the things people are asking for might not happen (at all, or in the form they'd prefer).

    Anyway, it's all just a bit too complicated for me to write about here. I get the appeal for incorporating new features into cine-camera's, but it also makes sense why it hasn't happened, yet.

    Makes me wonder what Jarred and others in-the-know at RED wish they could do camera-feature-wise if they had unlimited resources.
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