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    For ease of affordability, I have decided split my package in two. The Red One MX was bought newly refurbished on the Battle Tested program. It has since no been used for any project indoors or outdoors. Being the last line of Red One MXs, it also has a processor which can record up to 4.5k and with a super quiet fan.

    The ultimate indie film package:

    Red One MX body - one
    M42/PL mount converter - one
    Red rods, plate, top mounts - one set
    Tilta follow focus - one
    320GB Red Drive + cradle + power supply - two
    Red drive cradle + gold mount battery plate - one
    Red 16GB CF cards - four
    Red CF Module - one
    Red CF card reader and power supply
    Red 5.6" LCD monitor with arm and cables
    Element Technical breakout panel - one
    Anton Bauer Dionic bricks - jumbo - one
    Anton Bauer Tandem AC adapter
    Assortment of audio and time code cables
    Bogen 100mm head, sticks and Tuff case
    Red Pelican case for all above

    Base Package Price: USD2500

    Digioptical - 18-50mm zoom PL mount lens - one - $1500

    For an additional $1500:

    Red SSD module - one
    Red 128 GB SSD cards - two
    Anton Bauer Dionic bricks - two
    Anton Bauer chargers - one
    Red EVF and cable
    Element Technica EVF mount
    Element Technica lo-fi gold mount battery plate
    Redrock swingaway mattebox with donut - one
    Redrock - 5.65 ND filters - three
    Red monitor and drive cables - spares
    Red Rocket external module - speeds up ingests immensely
    Sachtler 100mm bowl baby legs with Tuff case

    Total Package Price: USD4500

    Email me at
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    Wow cool, this is already a great deal.
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