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    SOLD! The ultimate indie package for INDIA:

    Red One MX body with CF module
    Digioptical - 18-50mm zoom
    M42/PL mount prime fast lenses - 135mm
    Red rods, plate, handles, dovetail/shoulder mount, top mount, handle
    320GB Red Drive + cradle + power supply
    640GB Red Drive - optional
    Red 16GB CF cards - four
    CF card reader
    Red EVF with arm and cable
    Red Rocket external
    Red 5.6" LCD monitor with hood, arm and cables
    Anton Bauer Dionic bricks - four
    Anton Bauer chargers - two
    Anton Bauer Tandem AC adapter
    Bogen 100mm head, sticks and Tuff case
    Red Pelican case for all above
    Courtesy dropoff in INDIA

    Price: USD5000

    Email me at
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