My RED Leica M mount (purchased new from is damaging the foam surrounding the OLPF on my Helium. I had a warranty repair last spring, and it immediately started happening again, though it wasn't bad enough right away to send back in. It is now getting pretty bad again.

When I noticed that it was happening again, immediately after the first warranty repair, I called support to let them know. I was told that since it was already "repaired," and was happening again, that it would not be a problem to have it repaired again, at no cost to me.

I am now being told, despite explaining the situation, that it will not be repaired under warranty, since my camera is out of warranty. I understand that my camera is out of warranty, but the damage is not caused by me, it is caused by parts manufactured by RED. I did my due diligence to get my camera repaired under warranty, and I can not help it that a mount that they themselves manufacture is causing this problem.

I am exceedingly careful when I change mounts, so I didn't cause this, the mount itself caused it. Also, I miss the days when this gasket was a harder rubber, not this foam nonsense.

Is anyone else with a Leica M Mount having this issue?

Has anyone had luck getting something repaired by RED when it was caused by one of their parts malfunctioning, or causing the same problem when the camera went out of warranty after a repair?