So finally we have our new Gemini camera, and we checked and where told by RED that we could use our DSMC1 TI PL lens mount from our previous Epic Dragon or Scarlet, so we kept the lens mount, I finally put the camera togheter and installed the lens mount, ready to shoot tests and boom ! Red Pro Primes wont fit into lens cavity ( maybe shorter than DSMC1 ?) it is supposed to be 52mm exactly as the Dragon camera, and I tried two TI lens mount from out previous Scarlet and Epic Dragon, but none seens to fit the RED Pro Primes, the lens will go inside, but locking ring on the PL mount wont turn clockwise for locking ( this is because the PL guide ring on the lens is not properly seated ) I tried another PL mount lens Zeiss Speed MK3, and it did fit fine on the Gemini, so problem may be the size inside the lens cavity antiglare black circular rings maybe ? compared to the antiglare rings inside the Epic Dragon lens cavity? OLPF seems properly seated, since camera is brand new just out of the box.
Any help will be very much appreciated.