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  1. #1 RED Komodo.. isn't for me. 
    Hey everyone - so I've decided the RED Komodo just.. isn't for me.

    I love the image it creates, the 6k is something else. But after just a few weeks, I've learned the type of media I create for Youtube is just simply is outside of what the Komodo should be used for. So, if someone wants to buy a brand new fully loaded kit and avoid the waiting period, here's my proposal:

    My kit:
    RED Komodo: $6000
    RED Outrigger: $475
    RED 3 Dtap power: $100
    8Sinn cage w/ Top late + Black Raven handle: $209
    Prograde Cfast 2.0/SD reader: $79
    Blackmagic SDI to HDMI: $59
    Hollyland 400s Pro SDI/HDMI wireless T/X kit: $649
    GDU monitor mount: $79
    SmallHD Indie7 w/ Red control: $1399
    Silicon Power 512 cfast card: $279
    Angelbird 256 cfast x2: $559

    B&H cart total, before tax: $10,083
    +GDU Side arm for Komodo (not on B&H): $165

    Total, before tax: $10,248

    What I want..:
    Sony FX6: $5998
    Sony A7S3: $3498
    Prograde CFExpress A reader: $79
    Sony Tough CFExpress A 80gb x2: $396
    Sigma 35mm 1.4 art: $799

    Cart total, before tax: $10,770

    Price diff: $522

    I suppose the price diff of $522 could be seen as the "avoid the waiting period tax." I'm willing to hand over the Komodo kit as soon as an order is placed with my shipping info, doesn't need to be "kit in hand." I also don't even care if used gear is acquired for trade and you save the difference.. so long as it isn't stolen. I would prefer to work with someone local (I'm in Santa Clarita.. so anywhere somewhat near Los Angeles).

    If this isn't allowed on this forum, totally understand. I just thought I would offer, I see people scalping / ebaying the body for $1500+ beyond retail, and figured this was more reasonable.
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    Damn, wish I waited to see this offer, great deal. Is it still available? I know someone who's looking.
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    Thanks Max - for those wondering, I sold the kit (minus just the wireless and V-mount plate) at cost + tax locally. Be patient, don't overpay, there are more bodies popping up for sale at reasonable prices.
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